Prostate Cancer Surgery

The surgical treatment option for early, curable prostate cancer is explained by Dr. Philip Katelaris. He said that the two options are  Open Radical Prostatectomy and Robot Assisted Prostatectomy. Bothe are very wise for removing early prostate cancer. The choice between the two depends on patient factors and cancer factors.

The surgeon should be expert in both techniques in order to perform the best one for different situation. The video is a short presentation on how to cure prostate cancer.




The ABCDE 5 Signs of Skin Cancer

Cancer condition that takes place in the skin is called skin cancer. It is because of the progress of irregular cells that have the spreading capability or invade to some other parts of the human body. Skin cancer is the main frequent type of cancer globally accounting universally for about 40% cases. The most usual kind is a non-melanoma skin cancer which affects about 2-3 million people per year. Non-melanoma skin cancers normally widen in the out most skin layer and the named are usually from the kind of skin cell from which they grow.

3B9A1F91-E055-2488-4D0581BF667C7649The Skin Cancer Foundation advices a regular full-body check-up by yourself monthly or if you have enough budget, you can visit a specialist twice every year.  Here is the ABCDE of checking if you have any cancer.

1. A – Asymmetry

Asymmetry is the violation or absence of symmetry. Symmetry is a very important matter of both abstract and physical systems and it may be exhibit in exact or a more aesthetic conditions. The absence of symmetry are either desired or expected and that it can have significant effect for a system.

2. B – Border Irregularity

Skin cancer border irregularities are usually scalloped, irregular and the borders are poorly defined.

3. C – Colour Variability

Usually the variety of the changes of colour takes place from one part to another and having tint of black, brown, tan. There are also times that it turns blue, red and white in colour.

4. D – Diameter

Usually melanomas are generally greater than 6mm, like the size of a regular pencil eraser upon diagnosed, but there are also incident that they can be smaller from the regular size of 6mm.

Skin-Cancer5. E – Evolving

Skin cancers are really evolving like there are skin lesions or moles that appears diversely from the rest of the other mole and usually it is changing in colour, shape and size.

If you notice a fresh spot, a mole on your skin, spots that are starting to bleed and the ABCDE signs are visible, then, make an appointment right away with your dermatologist.

Lessening your contact with to ultraviolet rays and the utilization of sunscreen happens to be a successful ways of avoiding cell cancer. Non-melanoma skin cancer is normally treated. Treatment is usually by surgical extraction but may less normally topical medications such as fluorouracil and radiation therapy. Some other treatment of melanoma may contain the combinations of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and the so-called targeted therapy.



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cancerCancer covers over 100 illnesses. There are numerous kinds of cancers depending on the affected organs, but it still owns very identical familiar properties of:

• Irregular cell enlargement

• Ability to attack other tissues

• Capability to multiply to secluded organs via blood vessels or lymphatic channels (metastasis)

Untouched cancers can be the basis for severe sickness by attacking fit tissues and will be the cause of death.

How does cancer occur?

Our body is composed up of trillions of live cells. This cell matures, splits, and dies in an arranged fashion. This procedure is a firmly synchronized one that is controlled by the DNA equipment within the cell. When a person is a child or a baby or within the mother’s womb, cells split quickly to permit the growth. When the person turns into an adult, a lot of cells splits only to return damaged or dying cells or to actually repair wounds.

When the cells of the body at a certain site begin to produce out of control, they may lead to cancer. Cancer cell expansion is diverse from the usual cell growth. Instead of dying, cancer cells keep on growing and molding new, irregular cells. In addition to that, these cells can also attack other tissues. This is an asset that the standard cells do not have.

Molecular pathology behind cancer

Cancer cells start from standard cells when their DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid or the blueprints inside the cell nucleus is injured. DNA is in each cell and it directs every cell’s action, death, growth, protein synthesis and others. When DNA is injured in the standard cell, the cell either repairs the injured cell or the cell dies itself.

In cancer cells, the spoils DNA is not fixed, and the cell is not dying. As an alternative it gives rise to a lot abnormal cells with irregular DNA. These latest cells all have the identical faulty DNA of the unique cancer cell.

DNA harm may be inborn from parents or can be an impulsive trouble that happens during the life span of a person. DNA injured may also be activated by revealing to some ecological toxins like those that are included in smoking. However, there are numerous aspects that may be the grounds for cancer.  Very often it is hard to point an accurate cause.

Benign and Cancerous tumors

As our body reproduced cells, they are forming tumors, but not all of these lumps are cancerous. Benign tumors are those that are not cancerous and the malignant tumors are the cancerous type.

Benign is those tumors that can produce very big and push on strong tissue and organs. But, they do not attack the other organs or multiply via lymphatic channels or blood. These tumors are roughly never life frightening.

How common are cancer and who gets cancer?

There are too many people all over the world who are alive with cancer or have had cancers before. According to an approximation, about half of the American men and about one third of the American women will build up cancer during their lifespan.

Kidney cancer cells, SEMA healthy living with usual physical activity, strong diet, maintaining a healthy mass and staying away from tobaccos, sun disclosure and some other known cancer causing matters that can help decrease the danger of getting cancers.

Some cancers also have efficient selection tests. This aids in uncovering of ordinary cancers as early as possible. Initial treatment frequently means improved chances of revival and reply to anticancer treatment. Some examples of this are breast cancer and colon cancer screening that keeps thousands of lives each year. A video documentation of cancer can be seen at for reference and learning tools.